Moirae Creative were approached by SYPTE to create a cross-media marketing campaign to promote their new 16-18 Travel Pass, which entitles 16-18 years olds to concessionary travel on public transport across South Yorkshire. The objective of this multi media campaign was to increase awareness and use of the 16-18 travel pass, as well as promoting the use of public transport in the region. The challenge here was to really understand young people and create a campaign which really resonated with quite a narrow target demographic.
Our research showed that a lot of related design work underestimates the maturity of the 16-18 year old demographic, and often uses childlike illustration. Instead, by tapping into how this age group actually communicate we developed an emoji-led campaign using a combination of emojis for each key message. This led us to create a suite of bright but sophisticated visual materials which were showcased across South Yorkshire, including posters at bus stops and leaflets. In terms of digital exposure, we created web banners and even created a thematic animation for a social media ad in the format of a text conversation.

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