Previously known as 'Mini Kicks', Moirae Creatives's client found themselves in an increasingly competitive market which had become saturated with imitators. Mini Kicks wanted to reposition themselves as the best in the business through an effective re-brand, and cement themselves as the original kid's footballing academy. It was time to be brave, and take bold branding decisions.
We started by conducting a branding and competitor analysis to make sure we really understood the market, before deciding how to reposition Mini Kicks within it. By changing the name of the brand to "Kixx", we firmly positioned the academy as the obvious leader in the marketplace, with no need for a literal naming convention, or childish mascots to reinforce. We created a custom, hand-crafted script wordmark which was understated and fun, but retained the identifiable orange colour palette and created a accompanying text-based lockup to emphasize the #TeamOrange slogan.

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