We were approached by BS Steels for a complete brand overhaul, to include a new mission statement and brand values, as well as considering their naming strategy. It was important that the new brand reflected the company’s professional commitment to their clients and willingness to take responsibility, regardless of how challenging the job is.
We began by conducting a brand values and mission statement workshop to establish the identity of the BS Steels brand going forward. We decided to ‘repurpose’ the existing name as “BSS - Building Steel Solutions”. This allowed us to avoid any negative connotations whilst giving the brand a stronger meaning and providing us with a “BSS” lettermark to work with. The brand mark and identity is focussed around a carefully constructed steel beam shape, which reflects the attention to detail and rigour that BSS bring to their construction projects. The brand is rounded off by typographical and colour choices which help to bring an industrial and no-nonsense feel.

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