Moirae Creative were approached by the College of Policing to create a new brand that could represent the profession of cyber digital investigation. As this is a relatively modern occupation, it was important that we created a new brand which creates some credibility, a ‘badge of expertise’ within the profession.
As with all our branding projects, we began with a kickstarter meeting with the goal of understanding ICDIP as if it were our own business. We then conducted a thorough branding analysis, established the parameters and key objectives of the new brand and created mood boards based on the key themes of the project. Our chosen design routes followed a "connecting the dots" theme, taking inspiration from the investigative nature of ICDIP and combining it with the visual aesthetic of circuit boards. We selected "Digital Blue" as a colour which reflected both policing and is a bright, RGB colour. Finally we used Sharp Grotesk as a very impactful and official neo-grotesk sans, as the typeface.

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